My K-12 research has two separate strands: a) teacher leadership and school improvement in a research-practice partnership, and b) teacher policies and teacher labor markets. In the first strand of this research, I have been involved in teacher leadership and school improvement work with the IES-funded National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools (NCSU), a research-practice partnership aimed at linking researchers with practitioners to improve educational outcomes of traditionally underserved high school students in Florida and Texas. The second strand of my K-12 research focuses on teacher policies and the teacher labor markets, particularly looking at the factors that drive teacher attrition and retention, and the reforms and policies intended to address these issues for social equity and school improvement. Here is my website examining the issue of teacher shortages in the U.S.:
I also have research interests and experience in higher education. In this area, my research focuses on the distribution of financial aid and its effects on postsecondary persistence and degree attainment, particularly for underserved and disadvantaged students.
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* indicates equal co-authorship in alphabetical order. + indicates student co-author.
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